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Unlock the Magic of the Land Beneath Your Feet - Join Our Monthly Journey of Healing, Connection, and Awakening

Have you forgotten your connection to the land? Are you Looking for a new level of inner peace and a deeper understanding of yourself? Are you ready to awaken your forgotten magic?

Welcome to the Monthly Land Journey, where the Earth herself becomes your guide.

About the Journey:

Every month, we embark on a profound exploration, delving into the secrets and wisdom the land wants to share with us. We travel through steller gateways, portal pathways, and energy corridors to reignite the forgotten embers of magic within you. Our mission is to reconnect you fully to the land beneath your feet, restoring the sacred bond that has been lost over time.

What to expect:

  • Monthly Grounding Ritual: We reroot ourselves into the Earth, sharing the voice of the living land through a Lightcode Weaver chant and symbol of integration.

  • Nature Immersion: Explore the forests inside of us and the waters that flow in our veins as we follow the path of the deer, through the caves of the bear and the skies of the owl. We will be walking together and feeling the heartbeat of Gaia beneath your feet.

  • Soul Exploration: Discover hidden aspects of your soul as we gather in the heart chapel of forgotten land mysteries.

  • Timeless Wisdom: This land is woven into a story beyond time, revealing the inner altar of your being.

  • Monthly Rituals: Access transformative audio meditations and chants, along with support PDFs and integration symbols. Each month carries a powerful intention and healing.

Subscription Options: There are a few, and the bones of each month’s letter will always remain free.

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Are you ready to rediscover your connection to the land, find inner peace, and awaken your latent magic? The Monthly Land Journey awaits you.

Letters from the Land: A Monthly Journey into Nature's Heart

On the 28th of every month I’ll be writing to you each month from my cosy corner in Cornwall UK. It’s as if a piece of the land itself lands right in your email inbox.

Welcome to "Letters from the Land," a sanctuary for nature lovers and land guardians like you.

What's Inside?

Each month, we embark on an exploration of the ever-changing tapestry of nature. We'll delve into the rhythms of the seasons, deciphering their secrets and understanding what they mean for each of us. It will never be complicated, because as sovereign beings we must all reclaim our individual connection to the land.

No Complications, No Beliefs Required

"Letters from the Land" is a welcoming haven for all, regardless of your beliefs or background. Our mission is simple but profound: to guide you back to a life lived in harmony with the land. Our journey takes various forms: from sharing delectable seasonal recipes to inviting you on immersive walks in nature. We connect within our community of land guardians, embracing the elemental forces that surround us.

Delve into the past as we explore the timeless lessons hidden in folklore. We'll unveil the recipes for the sabbats and channel the wisdom of the elementals, who walk alongside us through the year.

This journey is open to all nature lovers, aspiring land guardians, and anyone seeking a deeper connection with the earth and its seasons.

By immersing ourselves in the land's embrace, we not only reconnect with oneness but also become more attuned to our own energy and awareness.

Each month, we open ourselves to the teachings of animals, wisdom keepers, and the elements themselves. Connecting with the land is meant to be accessible and effortless, like a gentle paddle in the pools of wisdom. This is just the beginning of our shared adventure. If you wish to delve deeper, consider exploring our monthly subscription as we journey with the land month after month.

Oceans of Love Cx

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Charlie Edwards

Earth Alchemist, Cosmic Creative, Light code Weaver, and Guardian of the land in the magical Kernow (now Cornwall).